Vinyl vs Wood Siding

It is important to maintain the exterior and interior look and the protection of your house from various sorts of disasters and different climatic conditions.

Substantial downpours can influence the external of your homes badly and during rain, continuous water falls outside of the wall sometimes comes inside that’s why, rain drops influence you’re inner walls of the house too by a method for drainage in this manner, it is important to provide something extremely unique which can keep your home’s external and internal durable and long-lasting.

For the purpose, people used to apply siding methods and yes, these are proved to be better than applying paints on the walls.

Well, there are numerous siding methods and the most common are Vinyl and wood sidings and usually people feel confused that which one is better of them. So, in this article you will get the useful one.

Installation of Vinyl and Wood Siding

wood vs vinyl siding

Firstly, Vinyl siding is not a watertight material. You have to introduce a water resistance boundary around all windows and entryways before introducing vinyl siding and trim.

There are two prescribed ways to cut vinyl siding and these are rip cuts and cross cuts. For rip cuts, score the board with a blade or vinyl cutting edge and twist the board forward and backward. Utilize avionics clips or shears to fit boards around windows and entryways.

For cross cuts, you must use a round observed with a plywood sharp edge in reverse position. You have to leave the room for construction and expansion into getting channels like outside corner posts and inside corner posts.

You also have to keep eye on the temperature. In this way, vinyl siding on the walls will be installed perfectly while, the method of wood siding is also not difficult but little different.

Firstly, a starter board must be sliced for this, you need to stamp one tongue and notch exterior board to the respected length and run it through the table saw with its notch confronting the blade. Scribe a straight vertical line straightforwardly along the exterior surface.

Hold the starter board up to the level line and secure it into the plywood backing utilizing a nail weapon and stainless steel 2″ nails.

You have to Measure, check and cut each tongue and notch outside board according to the pitch of roof and the base of wall.

Then, you have to fit notch edges into tongue edges utilizing a nail firearm and stainless steel 2″ nails. In this way, your installing of wood siding will be completed.

Which Performs Better?

vinyl siding

As the installing methods are different of both, hence, their performances are also different. Well, many people claimed that wood siding is better than the vinyl siding because of looks.

You need to repair and stain wood siding seasonally for the perfect look of exterior walls and also need more protection than vinyl siding but, yes, it will enhance the beauty of your house more.

On the other hand, vinyl siding is long lasting, and also protects the exterior and interior wall better and is less expensive. Vinyl siding does not need to be maintained regularly and will always look as good as the first day.

Plus, vinyl siding will never rot or warp unlike wood siding.

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